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How do You Prepare for Kitchen Remodeling on Staten Island

Remodeling a kitchen is a large undertaking, and so it should not be taken lightly. It is easy to get caught up daydreaming about the completed job, but there are many steps between making a down payment on work and cooking your first meal. Anyone who has gone through a kitchen remodel understands the time, stress, and challanges associated with this work. When you think you are ready for a new and improved kitchen, you should not hesitate to reach out for the best kitchen remodeling Staten Island has to offer.

Below, we want to highlight some important tips for surviving a kitchen remodel:

Create a Temporary Kitchen

When the work on your kitchen begins, you will no longer have easy access to the kitchen. You won't have access to the sink, cabinets, or the stove/oven, so cooking becomes an impossibility. Many people try to eat out for the work duration, but that can get tiring and expensive by day five. Set up an area with basic utensils and dishware. If you have access to a mini-fridge or a microwave, set this up in the new, temporary kitchen. Being able to brew a cup of coffee at home is important to many people.

Create a Menu

Plan meals around the kitchen you set up. If you have a slow-cooker, air fryer, or something similar, make purchases so that you can make easy and yummy meals at home. Remember, during this time, you want to avoid extravagant meals. As you are eating simple meals for the remodel duration, keep reminding yourself of the glorious meals you will cook when the project is completed.

Prepare Mentally

It is highly unlikely that an entire renovation can be completed in a day. A small bathroom getting major work takes a week or more, so consider the kitchen's size and work complexities. Prepare to be without a real, functional kitchen for a minimum of a week, but you should probably prepare for even more time without a kitchen. When you know to expect a long wait, you are less likely to feel stressed out by how long things are taking. The best kitchen remodeling Staten Island has to offer works quickly and efficiently.

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