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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting time. The kitchen is an integral part of your family's home, so renovating it can breathe new life into your space. However, there are common mistakes that some make which can ruin a remodeling project. We provide the best kitchen remodeling Staten Island offers. We'll ensure you get the best results.

What mistakes should you avoid during a kitchen renovation?

  • Forgetting About Storage - Think about all the gadgets you have in your kitchen. When remodeling, you want to ensure you have a space for all the appliances and cooking tools you have. When designing your kitchen, make sure you factor in ample storage space.
  • Purchasing Appliances Last - When choosing tiling, flooring, and backsplash, it's easy to forget about appliances. However, these are essential to any kitchen and should not be left to the last minute. While there is a standard size for appliances, measurements can vary. You want to ensure the appliances you choose fit into your design.
  • Incorrect Sizing - You want to ensure fixtures and other accessories around the kitchen are not too big or too small. Incorrect sizing can make the room appear sloppy and incomplete. Consider sizing carefully when it comes to lighting, islands, and seating.
  • Doing it Yourself - A kitchen remodel is complex. It requires a lot of planning, special tools and materials, and expertise. Remodeling your home should always be left to the professionals to ensure it's done correctly. Reach out to us for the best home remodeling on Staten Island. We can help create the home of your dreams.

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