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Is a Formal Contract Needed When Having My Kitchen Remodeled?

Kitchen Remodeling Staten Island

Home renovations require a formal contract. A contract protects you and your contractor. It’s a way to establish expectations for the work. We provide the best kitchen remodeling Staten Island offers. Before we begin a renovation, we will go over a detailed contract. The contract must be signed by the homeowner and us before work is performed. A formal contract helps avoid any issues or understandings in the future.

What should be included in a formal contract?

  1. Job Duration – A formal contract will have a specific start date. However, while many homeowners would like a finish date, this is not practical. The contract will indicate a target end date the contractor will work towards. However, unexpected issues may arise that will cause a delay.
  2. Payment – An outline of payment methods should be detailed in the contract. Usually, a portion of the payment will be due when certain aspects of the job are completed. There will often be a clause that voids the contract if there is no payment.
  3. Scope of the Work – This portion of the contract should be as detailed as possible. The contract will explicitly state what work will be performed. When going over the contract, question any parts you do not understand.
  4.  Work Practices – This is an area for the homeowner to specify special techniques they want the contractor to utilize. An example of this is using a brush when painting instead of spraying it on.

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