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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2019

Have you thought about remodeling your kitchen for the new year? If so, there are a lot of exciting trends happening in 2019. The kitchen is the most used, and one of the most important, rooms in your home, so consider the latest trends and give your kitchen a remake.

Pops of color are one of the most significant trends of 2019 that we see in kitchens. One of the easiest ways to integrate pops of color in your remodeling is to paint a backsplash or paint an island.

Islands and walls aren’t the only places seeing color this year. Stoves and hoods are now available in a plethora of colors. Bright primary colors and pastels are just a few of the colors to choose when purchasing a new stove and hood for your kitchen remodeling.

An interesting trend we’ve seen for 2019 is the elimination of kitchen cabinet handles. This trend is a result of the minimalist approach many homeowners want to take in their designing. Cabinets can still be accessed by installing cut-out handles. Indents along the base also work well.

Quartz countertops are another trend to consider if you’re remodeling your kitchen this year. Quartz has become increasingly more popular with each passing year because it is durable, hard to damage, and easy to maintain. Additionally, quartz is less expensive than other popular countertops such as granite or marble.

One more popular trend we’ve seen for 2019 should be no surprise to anyone: smart technology. From remote controlled lighting to smart appliances, smart technology helps to make everything in our lives easier.

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