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Why Should I Consider Energy-Efficiency when Remodeling a Kitchen

Once you have decided to remodel a kitchen on Staten Island, so much needs to be figured out to complete the work. Of all the things to consider, you should highly prioritize building an energy-efficient kitchen. Adding these new appliances makes kitchens look beautiful while also reducing energy waste. Below, we want to highlight some of the most important energy-efficient design inspirations all people should consider.

Our parents kitchens mostly had traditional, gas-burning stoves, but that is not the only stovetop cooking method. Induction cooking is widely considered one of the most energy-efficient appliances you can add to a kitchen. It is important to keep in mind that induction cooking does not compromise style and function by any means. They closely resemble an electric cooktop, but they are different because they offer precise control. This method of cooking is energy-efficient, but it is also a sophisticated choice for the modern chef.

So many people choose not to use a dishwasher because they think it drains energy and water compared to washing dishes by hand. This is a common myth because using a dishwasher to wash dishes is more effective and efficient than hands and soap. If you intend to use your dishwasher frequently, you should choose an eco-friendly appliance that is Energy Star approved. Modern, eco-friendly dishwashers also have other great features that drive down energy costs.

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Building a kitchen with energy and water savings in mind is the only way to approach a kitchen remodel Staten Island. For more information on designing a new kitchen, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

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