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Tips When Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Many older homes have bathrooms on the smaller side. In the past, bathrooms were designed to have just enough space for the essentials: shower/tub, sink, and toilet. The thought of remodeling your tiny bathroom may seem daunting. How can you create a welcoming, open space without tearing down walls? Luckily, the best contractor Staten Island offers can design the bathroom of your dreams, working with what you already have.

Here are the best ways to remodel a small bathroom:

  • Pocket Doors – Traditional doors swing inward, which takes away from available space. A pocket door retracts into the wall, maximizing space.
  • Ventilate – Proper ventilation will not make a small bathroom appear bigger; however, it is essential in a small space. Adequate ventilation reduces humidity which will protect your newly renovated bathroom.
  • Add Some Color – While it’s advised to use light colors in the bathroom, adding a pop of color will add personality to the bathroom. Consider vibrant colors for bath towels and other accessories, such as soap dispensers and garbage pails.
  • Mirrors – When adding a mirror to the wall, bigger is better as this gives the illusion that the room is bigger.
  • Glass Doors – Consider installing clear glass shower doors, which create the illusion that your shower is an extension to your room instead of closing it off.
  • Consider Storage – When working with a small space, it’s difficult to include enough storage for everything. Consider finding another space in your home to store some bathroom items. Also, make use of vanities to add additional storage.

Whether it’s a new bathroom or you want to redesign your kitchen, give us a call for home remodeling on Staten Island.

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