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What are the Current Trends of Bathroom Remodeling on Staten Island

Bathrooms can function like time capsules, in that when you step into some; it’s like taking a trip to the past. Carpeting on the floor, pink walls, and a grey tub are design choices people made in the 70s but now look outdated and tacky. If you are sick of looking at and using a bathroom that reminds you of the past, it is time to invest in the best remodeling contractor Staten Island offers.

If you ask a remodeling contractor on Staten Island how to get the most for your money, they’ll say to start by looking at current trends. Before highlighting a few trends for the 2020s, it is essential to mention that this is your space and should be customized. Trends and recommendations shouldn’t go against wants and desires.

One big trend in modern bathroom design is going minimal. How much open space can you create in your bathroom? How simple can you keep the design? Consider using a simple color scheme and building enough closet space not to need extra drawers or fixtures. When designing a new bathroom, remember that simplicity is bliss and less is more.

Another trend to keep in mind is a floating vanity. Traditionally, most vanities rest on the floor, which takes up extra space. A floating vanity offers crips lines and a contemporary look. By mounting a vanity to the wall, you save space. A floating vanity has all the amenities of the traditional vanity, including a countertop, faucets, drawers, and cabinets.

Lastly, consider large-format wall tiles for the bath/shower area. Tiny mosaic tiles are a thing of the past, and when you look at most modern bathrooms, you'll see larger tiles. It seems luxurious when paired with stone-looking features and materials. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines, making these a smart option around moist areas. Call our team today for more information on a remodeling contractor on Staten Island.

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