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Choosing New Light Fixtures and Accessories for your Remodeled Bathroom

A new home or apartment has lighting fixtures that are meant to keep a house bright, but they usually are not expected to stand out and be aesthetically pleasing. Landlords and contractors typically want to save money on construction and renovations, and so lighting fixtures generally are skimped on. In many cases, lighting fixtures do not even give enough light for the bathroom or bedrooms. If you are considering making modifications to your home’s lighting, you have many options that are both beautiful and practical. Of all the places to update or renovate lighting fixtures, a bathroom is amongst the best. It is relatively easy and cost effective while also making bathrooms look great.

One of the most common bathroom modeling lighting techniques we use is task lighting at mirrors. Most overhead lighting does not do a great job of adequately lighting mirrors for people to see as they are shaving, styling their hair, or putting on makeup. We will help you install vertical or sconce fixtures on either side of the mirror (36 to 40 inches apart). If you do not have space in your bathroom, we can always use one light above the mirror.

Accent lighting is also commonly asked for by many of our clients. The right accent will offer a calming quality to a standard bathroom. We regularly install strip lighting that is placed under wall-mounted cabinets which adds a gorgeous floating effect.

Once you decided on new fixtures for your remodeled bathroom on Staten Island, you must make a few other considerations. The two most common things to change in a bathroom would be the bulbs being used and the light switch you use. White lights offer more exact skin tones. Halogen bulbs last longer than incandescent variants, and frosted bulbs reduce shadows. It would help if you also considered adding a dimming switch instead of a traditional on/off switch.

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