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How to Comfortably Live in Your Home During Home Remodeling

When home remodeling in Staten Island, you may wonder if you’ll have to move out during construction. The good news is that you can live at home during renovations. There will just be some steps you’ll need to take to ensure you can comfortably live in your home. As the best home remodeling Staten Island offers, we can help you safely remain home while we do our work.

While it’s doable to stay home during home remodeling, there are things you and your contractor will do to ensure minimal inconvenience. You want to ensure you can live comfortably while also allowing your contractor the space to complete their renovation.

What can be done to comfortably live in your home during home remodeling?

  • Establish a Standard Set Time – While you do not want to stop your contractor from completing work in a timely fashion, you should establish a set time for work. Let your contractor know the time you’d like them to start and when you want them to end. Consider your family’s schedule when coming up with times.
  • Minimize the Spread of Dust – One of the biggest concerns for homeowners during home renovations is the spread of dust. The construction during remodeling will lead to dust accumulation. Your contractor should close off the area to create a dust barrier and use fans and air cleaners.
  • Have a Construction-Free Zone – Create a construction-free zone in a convenient area of the home.
  • Protect Pets and Kids – Young children and pets love to explore and do not understand the dangers of the construction area. Ensure your kids and pets are unable to enter the construction area.

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