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Should I Turn My Tub Into a Shower During Renovations?

One of the most exciting aspects of a bathroom renovation is replacing an old bathtub. One big decision to make is whether or not your old tub should be replaced with a newer model or convert the space into a shower. We are the best contractor Staten Island offers and can help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

When it comes to home remodeling on Staten Island, you want to ensure your design is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Changing your tub into a shower will depend on several factors. You’ll want to ask a few questions before going along with the conversion.

Are there other tubs in the home? It’s ideal to keep at least one tub in the home for functionality. Bathtubs are helpful for visitors, relaxing after a long day, or bathing pets. If you have more than one tub, upgrading to a shower during the renovation can be a great decision.

Who will be using the bathroom? If you use the bathroom for bathing small children, it’s best to leave the tub. Bathtubs make bathing small children much easier. However, if there is no need for a tub and everyone using the bathroom approves of a shower only, removing the tub can add additional space to the room.

Will it fit into your budget? Before starting any project, it’s important to go over details with your contractor. You want to ensure that a tub to shower conversion is within your budget.

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