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What Lighting Option Should You Choose for Your New Bathroom on Staten Island

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting time for any homeowner. A new bathroom breathes life into a home while adding luxury and serenity. Big items, like showers, tubs, and vanities, are important but don’t forget about the lighting. When choosing the right lighting for your new bathroom, the possibilities are endless.

The top types of bathroom lighting:

  • Downlights - Downlights are a traditional single overhead light system seen in many bathrooms. This works well in a small space as it does not create much lighting and cast shadows.
  • Task Lighting - Task lighting offers many options. It refers to the source of light above the bathroom sink. A light bar above the mirror can have a single bulb or a series of bulbs. Some homeowners choose to ditch the light fixture altogether and have their mirror be the source of light instead. Mirrors with LED lighting have been gaining popularity in recent years.
  • Chandeliers - A chandelier is a way to upgrade the traditional lighting of downlights and add a touch of luxury to your space. Chandeliers will not work well in a small space with low ceilings. When remodeling a master bedroom, a chandelier works well in the middle of the room or above the bathtub. However, you do not want this to be your only source of light. It should complement another form of lighting.
  • Recessed Lighting - This is a common type of lighting that works well in all types of bathrooms, big and small. Recessed lighting can be installed in different areas of the room, including above the shower or tub. To complete the feel, consider adding a dimmer to your recessed lights.

Bathroom Remodeling Staten Island

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Bathroom Remodeling Staten Island
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